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Minggu, 14 November 2010

ProFiL ReSiDeNT EviL ApoCaLyPsE,,,

ReSiDeNT EviL ApoCaLyPsE

Raccoon city 
Raccoon city underground research site

A deadly virus spread in the town of Raccoon. Resident Evil: Apocalypse is a continuation of the terrible adventure.

Alice (Milla Jovovich - 5th Element) be subject to trial by the company biogenetik Umbrella and genetically altered into a woman strong and agile. This is useful for him to be able to survive.

Alice joined by Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory - Helen of Troy), Terry Morales (Sandrine Holt - Happy Hour), Carlos Oliviera (Oded Fehr - The Mummy), struggling to escape from the region that will become City of the Dead. For that they must fight against the deadly killer zombies and Umbrella's creation, Nemesis (Matthew G. Taylor).

We received help from several people who survived the "virus T"

Roberto carlos and kyle madigan

only a few humans infected with the virus T,,, all humans on earth will perish, all that means nothing,,, only the most important survival

Virus T

My Friend's Jill Valentine
jill valentine is a female police officer NAPD STARS with friends and alice together out of Raccoon city


ProFiL ReSiDeNT EviL ExTinCao,,,

Resident evil extincao

Claire Redfield (Ali Larter)


ALICE (Milla Jovovich)

Alice and Las Vegas



Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil conhecido aussi:
"Milla Jovovich Estrela", directed by Russell Mulcahy and written by Paul WSAnderson.

research activities in The Umbrellas, ignoring other forms of assistance the T virus in the earth to destroy the global reference population, turning people into flesh-eating.
Alice helped the survival of Claire Redfield, Carlos and other groups in the Nevada desert to cross or traveling in alasca. satellite groups, com or intuition has captured the presence of Alice to find a cure viral T.
but Alice is always ready to make a surprise for them,,
although the fear of making her feel more powerful

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ProFiL ReSiDeNT EviL AfTeRLive,,,


Milla Jovovich (Serbo-Croatian: Milica Jovović / Милица Јововић /; Russia: Милла Йовович; Ukraine: Мiлла Йовович; born December 17, 1975, age 34 years, born with the name Milica Nataša Jovović) is an American model and actor. Milla Jovovich is a Ukrainian-born actress who grew up in the United States. He was known as a model before eventually more dominant in career as a movie actress. His best performances were in the Resident Evil trilogy, as Alice.

Ali Larter
Born: 28 February 1976

Birthplace: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Best Known As: Struggling single mom Niki Sanders on the TV series Heroes
Ali Larter was James Van Der Beek's co-star in the 1999 football movie Varsity Blues, where she appeared briefly in a bikini made entirely of whipped cream. That appearance gave her a certain cachet and led to roles in the horror films The House on Haunted Hill (1999, with Taye Diggs) and Final Destination (2000). She appeared on the April 2001 cover of the men's magazine Maxim, considerably boosting her profile. The same year she played Brooke Taylor Windham in the Reese Witherspoon comedy Legally Blonde, and played the girlfriend of Jesse James in American Outlaws. She has also co-starred in the Kevin Smith film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001). In 2006 she began starring as a single mom with supernatural powers on the TV series Heroes, and in 2007 starred with Milla Jovovich in the action flick Resident Evil: Extinction

Larter married actor Hayes MacArthur on 1 August 2009... Larter is sometimes confused with Ali Landry.

Wentworth Miller is the latest actor to join the Resident Evil franchise. In the latest installment, Resident Evil: Afterlife, he plays Chris Redfield, brother to Claire (Ali Larter) and a character straight out fo the popular video games. Unfamiliar with the video game when he was cast, he made sure to do his research and see what the fan expectation was for the character, before developing the character for himself.

While at Comic-Con, Wentworth Miller spoke at a roundtable about being a fan of the genre and his excitement in joining such an internationally successful franchise. He also talked about the writing projects that he’s developing – a feature film called Stoker, that’s part horror film, part family drama and part psychological thriller, all wrapped in one, along with its prequel, Uncle Charlie.

Sinopsis :

ReSiDeNT EviL AfTeRLive 


the location of Arcadia

For months already Alice (Milla Jovovich) to find the location of Arcadia who was reputedly the hiding place of the remains of humans who survived the virus attacks the T that turns humans into zombies, but Alice did not also find the location of Arcadia. There are allegations that the Arcadia is located somewhere in Alaska. Alice almost desperate and thought that he was the last man left on earth.

When resting on a beach, Alice attacked a woman who turns out to be Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) who is under the influence of control devices made by the Umbrella Corporation. Fortunately, Alice managed to free Claire who turned out not remember anything. Together they then to Los Angeles which turned into a prison that contains the remains of human waste is trapped in there.
When Alice and Claire landed in the prison, they both met Chris (Wentworth Miller) who claims to know the exact location of Arcadia. Although initially did not believe but Alice and Claire had no choice when the prison was a zombie swarm invaded. Three of them then get away from the advancing zombies and find the location of Arcadia.
Unfortunately, now find Arcadia who turned out to be a cargo ship, this location is actually just a trap made by Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) to collect the remains of humans who will he make the object of experimentation and Claire turns out to be one of the objects that had escaped Albert experiment .

the Umbrella Corporation

Claire redfield, chris redfield,ALice

Claire redfield, chris redfield

Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts)

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Harry Potter
Name : Daniel Jacob Radcliffe
Date of birth (location) : 23 July 1989 Fulham, London, England, UK
Harry Potter Movie character : Harry Potter
Nickname : Dan
Name : Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

Date of birth (location) : 15 April 1990 Oxford, England, UK

Harry Potter Movie character : Hermione Granger

Nickname : Em

Name : Bonnie Kathleen Wright
Date of birth (location) : 17 February 1991, London, England, UK
Harry Potter Movie character : Ginny Weasley

Name : Rupert Michael Grint

Date of birth (location) : 24 August 1988 Hertfordshire, England, UK

Harry Potter Movie character : Ronald Weasely

Name : Thomas Andrew Felton
Date of birth (location) : 22 September 1987 London, England, UK
Harry Potter Movie character : Draco Malfoy
Name : Leonard Gary Oldman

Date of birth (location) : 21 March 1958 New Cross, London, England, UK

Harry Potter Movie character : Sirius Black

Name : David Thewlis
Date of birth (location) : 20 March 1963 Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK
Harry Potter Movie character : Prof. Remus J. Lupin

Name : Anthony Robert McMillan

Date of birth (location) : 30 March 1950 Rutherglen, Scotland, UK

Harry Potter Movie character : Prof. Rubeus Hagrid

Name : Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman
Date of birth (location) : 21 February 1946 Hammersmith, London, England, UK
Harry Potter Movie character : Prof. Severus Snape
Name : Margaret Natalie Smith
Date of birth (location) : 28 December 1934 Ilford, Essex, England, UK
Sometimes Credited As : Dame Maggie Smith
Harry Potter Movie character : Prof. Minerva McGonagall

Name : Michael Gambon
Date of birth (location) : 19 October 1940 Dublin, Ireland
Harry Potter Movie charater : Prof. Albus Dumbledore (Headmaster)

My LoVe 
Daniel Jacob Radcliffe,,,,